Working Of Black Tea When You Work

How many of you havethe habit of sitting up late night for the next day's exam with a cup of tea? Well, I was one of them and still am, for my toddler keeps me awake till early morning. Many of us wake up in the morningwith the sweet picture of drinking a refreshing tea and packing the much needed energy to run the day.

Exhausted with the energy supply by the evening? Again a cup of tea will do wonders in revitalizing our sparks.

Tea is not just an equal ratio mix of milk and water now; it has become highly polymorphic in color, taste,and effect. I should say the best friend among them as a quick energy packet would be black tea.With the final coloralmost reddish black and a strong, bold taste, I get instant relief from my pounding headache and drowsiness. The ease of preparingand its working as a quick shot of refreshment propel its demand to an astounding 75 percentof the entire tea production.

Do you know black tea is manufactured from the same tea plant leaves as the regular one? The difference lies in methods of processing.The steps in processing are the whole same such as withering, rolling, oxidation, drying, sorting and final packing.

A nutritional package in two minutes

It is produced fromasingleplant partand made from a single powder, but results in a whole reservoir of nutrients. Let us nutritionally analyzethe ingredients of this Pyramid Teas : Carbohydrates: Our primary source of energyfor all vital functions Caffeine: The natural stimulant. Caffeine-freeproducts are now on the rise, though. Amino acids(eg: guanine): Have positive result on cell rejuvenation, brain functioningand also act as natural stimulants Minerals like Potassium, manganese, zinc and trace minerals: Very significant for proper blood circulation, cardiac muscle function, nervous system functioning, chemical gradient and hormonal balance, preventing coronary diseases. Flavonoid Polyphenols(theaflavin and thearubigin)Antioxidants and prevent the formation of carcinogens. Antioxidants including catechins, tannins,and xanthine:Tannins are the naturally occurring chemical compounds which impart the flavorand astringent properties to black tea. Catechins fight cancer-causing cells and help to maintain a healthy heart. Xanthines are also natural stimulants.

How does it work in our body to keep away fatigue and cell death

Cardiovascular system: Flavonoids are rich antioxidants reduce oxidative reactions which affect the heartand blood vessels such as oxidation of low-densitylipoproteins, and cholesterol and clots. They also improve vasodilation of coronary arteries.

Anti-cancer effect: Several clinical studies report that black tea can help in preventing cancers of prostrate, ovary, lungs, breast, colorectal, stomach, oraland bladder polyphenols reduce the formation of carcinogensin our body.Cancer is a disease in which the prognosis depends a lot on the timing of diagnosis. The earlier it is diagnosed, the better it can be treated. A chemical in black tea known as TF-2 causesselective apoptosis of cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells unharmed. This is particularly significant forearly inhibition and preventing invasion of tumor growth.

Boosting immune system: Tannins in black tea improves immunity and helps to fight influenza virus, hepatitis,and diarrhea.

Oral health: In addition to fighting oral cancer, black tea helps to prevent tooth decay and bad breath as the tannins and polyphenols in it wipe out the oral bacteria which cause them.

Digestive system: One of the dietary tips from the physicians,when you are ailing from a gastric upset or diarrheais drinking a mix of black tea and lemon juice. It soothes the stomach and intestine and aids in digestion.

Healthy skin and hair: Black tea is a rich source of vitamins like riboflavin, C,and E, and minerals, all essential for nourishment and anti-agingproperty of skin.There will be only very few among us who have not tried keeping tea bags to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

Caffeine in black tea can reduce hair fall by decreasing the level of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). The antioxidants helpin giving your hair a healthy and lustrous look.

Nervous system: What to say here!! We are actually living through it especially for cracking exams. The age-old'habit' has some scientific basis in actual. Black tea can improve focus and concentration by increasing blood flow to the brain. The L-theanine relaxes your mind while focussing on strenuous tasksand reduces the level of stress hormone cortisol.

Black Tea may be a simple beverage but it is powerful enough to ride you through the stressful daily life in a number of complex ways.So, next time when you have to attend that quintessential evening party with your professional colleagues, have a cup of black tea and arrive at the venue with full effervescence.