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Give your energy level a new high and leap forward. We know, tea needs no introduction, but you definitely require some introduction to decide on your preferred variety from white tea, green tea, black tea and lemon tea. We officially introduce you to our black tea powder. Manufactured from the leaves of the highest quality Camellia sinusesunderstringent processing conditions,it is not just a beverage drink, but a real health drink energizing your cells from inside to the outside.

Health benefits in a nutshell

Each nutrient in our black tea is quantified and qualified to reach the standard levels so that you get the optimum effect. Have a minimum of two cups of black tea and get noticeable improvements like:

Healthy skin and hair.

Oral health and hygiene.

Active and healthy brain.

Improved mental focus and relaxation.

Anti-cancerous effect.

Healthy heart.

Reduce blood clots, improve vasodilation and arterial blood flow.

Immunity booster. Better digestive system and gastric health.

Stronger bones.

Kidney functioning

The biggest advantage of black teais probably its role as an energy booster. Your companion in exams, your stomach's best friend for the terrible upsets, visit the nearest store to get the pocket pack. Our black tea powder come in three types: instant packs, tea leaves and fine dust. Add a pinch of instant powder in hot water and sugar to taste, a cup of energy anytime, anywhere.

If you are a lover of tea bags, get a pack of bags from the available numbers comingin five, ten,and thirty, ideal for a travel or a long stay. As an introductory offer, with every pack of our black tea, get a trial pack of our new caffeine-free variety. This will be a welcome product to all those who are planning a diet devoid of caffeine for various health reasons.

Have a cup of tea and bid adieu to stress.